Monday, September 1, 2014

Prestigio Pizza

If I get this right, this should be my 2nd to last email home. It might be the 3rd if I write the day I fly out, but don't expect too many more of these.

Dear Family of Mine, 
    This week I met somebody else who remembers you, Dad!...Èlder Costa. He´s pretty convinced you won't remember him, but I took a picture with him anyway and will show you when I get home. He lives in my current ward with his wife and his son Leanardo, who is our Ward Mission Leader. 
    Mom, congratulations on being released as Gospel Doctrine teacher. Even though you stayed there forever I think people still liked your lessons. Well, at least a year and a half ago they did (I knew because they told me so). I think whoever gets to teach the Gospel Principles class is really lucky. Bishop Anderson, if you´re reading this and we happen to need a Gospel Principles teacher in our ward for a few months when I get home....I wouldn't complain. The Irmã [sister] who teaches it here is great. She is good at explaining things simply and helping anyone who is new feel really welcome. 
    Finding people to teach this week was super rough. All of the things we planned fell through. The lessons we planned with members, with investigators, people who committed to watch the other sisters´ baptism, go to church, etc. We planned and people canceled. BUT, we also had some very tender moments. We found someone who was super excited to hear about the gospel; I'll tell you more about him when I come home. And yesterday the Lord put two more people in our caminho [path] who are in need of the gospel. I am excited to help them. They´ve definitely had it rough in their lives and could use some of the Atonement´s healing power. 
   Anyway, I´ve got to run. But, its okay because I'll see you soon. Strange.

I love you both tons, 
Sister Hoggan

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