Monday, August 4, 2014

Sister Faria and Èlder Balduino

Dear Mom and Dad,
    So I actually met Elder Balduino first. I think that's how you spell his name. Its a bit funny to be approached at church in Brazil...Sister, do you know William Hoggan? What kind of a question is that, I thought to myself...of course I know William Hoggan. I responded that he´s my dad. I got really excited when he said he was your companion. Yep, I met my one of your companions. He then walked down the hall and told Sister Faria, who then came and found me and asked to take a picture with me. Mission reunion. 
     This week was geat, thought Sunday was rough. Sister Beck was transferred back to her first area so we said goodbye to her today. But Ill see her again soon so its okay. Working in a trio was  blast. Its great for working with the send one sister off with a member and then the other two go tackle someone else. 
    Our friend Carlos was supposed to be baptized this week but was being super wishy-washy. He didn't come to church on Sunday...we announced his baptism anyway. We went by his house after church to see what was up and he said he´d decided today wasn't the day he was meant to be baptized. I was not happy with him. It turned out to be good that he wasn't baptized because he had some concerns to resolve first, but I had been so excited for him. We´ll see how it goes in the coming weeks. This week we had an awesome amount of people we were teaching, a few dropped us at the end of the week. One starting reading the Book of Mormon after some good pushes, and did not like it. Well, she liked it, just not that it was scripture. 
    The hardest part about teaching people is that you love them sooooo much and you want to do everything you can to help them, so it really hurts when they tell you they don't want more help. Breaks my heart.
     Between this transfer and next will lose most of the zone leaders, assistants, and sister training leaders....President is slowing calling in others to help. It will just be interesting to see who will fill the spots when we all start disappearing. Luckily, there are some pretty amazing missionaries here so I'm not worried. 
     I love you a ton. Please don't get too trunky. Dad, Elder Balduino says hi. And if mom someday decides she doesn't like mountain biking, I've decided, can you at least wait until I get back to sell my bike? 
Lots of hugs, 
Sister Hoggan

P.S.   My birthday package came this week and it was AWESOME!!!! Thank you!

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