Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Okay, so I said last week that his name was Elder Baldwino, but I guess his name would have been Elder Pereira. Dad, did you serve with Elder Pereira? He came up to me on Sunday and asked if I knew William Hoggan, so I sure hope his name sounds familiar.
Dear Mom and Dad!
     Yesterday was Father´s Day here. Basically people made nice lunches for their dads and then everyone just relaxed for the rest of the day. They didn´t seem to be spending too much time with their families after lunch, but whatever. I hope you did something special. So I really am on the home stretch. I'm not going to lie, its a bit hard not to think about how close the end is. Its just so strange that I will be in another country here in a few weeks. We are still working really hard, don't worry. It is just one of those thoughts that is a bit hard to push out of your mind. I will most definitely sleep when I am old, but I also took a few minutes to sleep today (p-day) because we walked a lot this week. We had found a great group of investigators and were stoked to teach them, but they started flaking on us so we got to find new ones, which involved a bit of walking. One of the neighborhoods here has lots of apartments that we can enter and the people there are really receptive, but its a lot of outdoor stairs. We were blessed to find lots of new people, but did go up and down a fair number of stairs. 
     This week was really hard, teaching wise, because no one wanted to go to church. Going to church is pretty important, just saying. If you ever want to do something to make the missionaries happy...just go to church. We will love you forever. But, we endured to the end and having an awesome companion makes it all just fine. You can get through just about anything with someone super cool like SISTER MARCHANT by your side. Yup, we had transfers last week and my new companion is Sister Marchant. When I come home I will have passed 9 months (or half my mission) with Sister Marchant. She´s great!
     Somebody asked me to marry him this week. He didn't wait for my response though, so I don't know how sincere he was. He just walked by said `marry me´and kept walking. It was a bit strange actually.
     I'm happy, I'm alive, I love you tons.

Yours truly, 
Sister Hoggan

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