Monday, August 25, 2014

Èlder Costa, Dad, do you remember Èlder Costa?

Dear Family,
     You have all got to stop being trunky. I still have people to baptize before I come home. I guess I can´t tell you not to be trunky, but...If we just keep working, we don't think about it and the end will be a surprise. 
     These last few weeks we have been fasting a lot for the work to go forward. Our ward is doing amazing. The chapel was so full Sunday. They filled all the benches and then filled in almost all the extra space with folding chairs When you have Sacrament meeting last, its motivation to finish your lesson on time or you won't find a seat in the chapel. What a great problem that is, not having enough seats in the chapel to hold everyone. 
    We didn't have very many investigators with us at church on Sunday, but some very special friends walked into the chapel. It has been awhile since they walked into the chapel, but Sunday they were there and it was a very tender moment to see them again. 
     We had Family Home Evening with one of these people this week. We made cookies with her and her family. Just a note of advice for other people reading this: If your family doesn't like family home evening, it needs to change. I think sometimes people find FHE a burden, but the point is to spend time with people you love. If you don't enjoy how its planned in your house, plan something else. Say a prayer and eat cookies. It counts. Eating cookies with someone you love could save your relationship. 
     Other adventures of the week...we were making contacts with people on the street. We passed a man and then decided to go back and talk to him. He was polite, but it did surprise me a bit when he said--I'll be honest with you both, I sell drugs--What? Yep, he just told us he sold drugs. He told us briefly how it was his way of helping people. We gave him a pass along card and left. Never had that happen to me before. There were a lot of other people nearby, pretty populous area, don't worry.
     I was also invited this week, along with my companion, to be the guest speaker at the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We haven't gone yet, but one of the youth leaders asked us to come talk about what it is like to be a missionary. I think it would be an awesome experience.
     I love you both, a lot. Keep on sharing the gospel...I'm super proud of you both.

Com amor,
Sister Hoggan

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