Monday, July 28, 2014

When we lose the ones we love.

Dear Mom and Dad,
      This week went by so fast, and we did a whole lot. I don't think I interviewed 36 people in one day, but we still did a lot and God was watching all of it. But before I tell you about about all the crazy things we did...Last week Sister Marin from my MTC district returned home. Lucky she went when she did because the doctor told her a few more weeks of what she had and she would have come home from the mission recuperating in a wheelchair. This next week we are losing another valente querida [faithful, valiant dear one], the beautiful Sister Leite. That's right, both the sister I trained, the sister she trained, and the sister who trained me have all gone home. Sister Leite is going home on 5a feira [Thursday] because of the fibromyalgia pain. She been having a lot less, but decided that it would be better to stop. I talked to her mom on the phone today for a brief moment, and then after LOTS of hugs had to let Sister Leite go. She´s changed a lot here on the mission field. We made big plans for her for when she gets back. 
    We have my last conferência de zonas where I got to bear my farewell testimony. What? I still have awhile to go, but this was the last opportunity. All the missionaries going home in the next 3 months bore their testimonies. We´re losing quite a big number the transfer I go home. I talked about Sister Dalton´s talk when the general YW´s presidency chose gold to represent the value of Virtue. They chose gold because it is of greatest value when it is pure, just like us. How do you purify gold? You burn it...well, almost. You put it in fire, melt it down, and let everything fall out. After being almost destroyed, it is quite lovely. Just like us. After passing through trials that often almost destroy us, we come out super pretty, and ready to enter into God´s kingdom (well, that's the goal). There´s also a phrase at the end of our mission hymn that we shout like crazies... "E Proclamar Bem Alto, Èis A Restauração" [Shout out loud, "Behold, the Restored Gospel!"] I talked a bit about the phrase and how we can shout it really loud for the people here where we serve.
     This week my trio went on a trip to the city of São José do Rio Preto, it´s 4 hours by bus from here. We spent 1 day on divisions with our sisters, one day dividing with Sister Beck and her sisters, and then came home just in time for interviews with president, and weekly planning, and conference the next day. We also had Festa Junina with our ward on Saturday, it was fun, and there was lots of food. Its the annual Brazilian cowboy party. Its great. Mostly its about the food, but there is dancing too. We watched the members dance a bit and then had to leave. 
     After all the adventures we worked about 2 days in out area. One of those days we spent waiting for our investigator to show up to his baptismal interview. He called us and said he would be a couple hours late, so so we got improvise with our plans. Then other a member asked us to visit her brother and his wife. We found them alright....and his married children and their grand-kids. Its like they had gathered together and were waiting for us. We were given 8 new investigators in one week! What?!
    Its hard to think about the fact that I'm coming home in a few weeks. I'm going to miss the people here so much. For as much as I want to see my family again, its going to be really hard to leave the people here. 

I love you, 
I hope you are helping the missionaries, 
Sister Hoggan

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