Monday, July 21, 2014

The World that basketball or baseball?

It´s a bit dark in this LAN House and hard to see the keyboard.

Dear Wonderful Family of Mine, 
          Did my letter to dad seriously just make it there? I think that means if I send letters home right about now I will make it home before they do. Eeek! 
         This week was AWESOME. We had a sad moment when my dear Sister Ana Maria Marin (she lived with me in NY) had to go home because of back pain. She´s been on best rest for awhile now. But, in exchange, the beautiful Sister Britta Beck has now joined our trio. She joined us at the end of this week. I forgot to charge the phone Saturday night, so the battery died Sunday while we were in the street....President tried to call us, along with the office elders, and others trying to let us know Sister Beck was coming our way. With a dead phone we found out when we went to our weekly meeting with the Ward Mission Leader and she jumped out and scared us. When we powered up our phone later we had about 25 missed calls. Of all the days not to charge your phone!
         We have this new thing of receiving references we give to the office. Literally, my companion and I pass them on, and they come back for us to contact. Its happened twice already. One of the last contacts we made in Campos Eliseos we gave to the office as a reference, and we now live in the area of that contact. They sent him to us as a reference and we contacted him last night, Lucas. He´s so cool! Its a great experience to teach someone who is really, really smart where you can explain about the Reformation versus the Restoration. Honestly, being able to explain about the Reformation is so much fun. Its even better when we find people like Carlos who understand it. We had used all of our copies of the Book of Mormon we had carried that day, so we are taking one back tonight. 
        The other find of the week: we started teaching a woman and her 2 daughters and managed later to teach her husband the Restoration. She´s Brazilian, but her husband was born in Lebannon. He was born Muslim, but now practices no religion. He didn't understand the purpose of prophets or Christ and wanted to know why there are so many versions of the Bible.  We happily answered all of his questions... it turned out we taught him all of the Restoration. It started out though as him asking about how we pay for our missions or if the church pays for it.  He gave us his Portuguese translation of the Koran as we were leaving. He´s not going to read it any time soon and thought we would be interested. Has anyone else received the Koran in another language lately?
       I think its really cool that you shared "Missionários Sem Plaquetas" at the mission preparation fireside. It was a blast to make. Tiago filmed most of it while were stuck not working because of the cup. 
       I have not yet received my birthday package, but that's okay. It will arrive before I leave the mission field. Dad still needs his birthday card too, so....
I hope you know I love you bunches.
Don't get too trunky. 

Sister Hoggan

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