Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Missionários sem Plaquetas

July 7, 2014

Dear Mom and Dad,
     First off, Dad...HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I neglected to tell you in my last letter, so I thought I would make a point of it today. I have no idea when you will get to read  this because I think you are all partying at Family Reunion. Say hello to everyone for me? Is David´s fiance there? Weird, he´s getting married. But hey, the family has to keep getting bigger. 
     My new ward has no overflow to the chapel...it´s one of those cute chapels with wooden benches that looks like it was made for a branch. Sunday there were 190 people at church. What!? They put wooden chairs on the ends of the benches to help squeeze more people in. Its great. If only every ward was like this. 
     This week was nuts. We had Conselho da Lideraça [Leadership Council] on my birthday...yay! It was great.  On Friday we got up and caught an early onibus to the other side of the mission for divisions. The phones here don't call out of area so we can't call our sisters directly, we have to go through the office. We got to the other side of the mission and tried to call the office, president, the sisters that live in our house, but couldn't talk to anyone. Apparently `long-distance´ calls are not determined by the area code of your phone like in the states, but rather where  you are calling from. Everyone that was previously long distance became available and everyone we should be able to call became out of range. 
    I met a reporter in the street this week. I didn't know she was a reporter until we made contact. We talked about how we can't watch the world cup because we are...Missionaries! We talked about the mission and how great it is and how we want to bless her life. She called us later in the week wanting to write a newspaper article about us. Unfortunately we were on the bus heading for divisions so we couldn't meet with her. I hope it works out for the next game, it would be cool to make it in the paper in a foreign country. 
  So our onibus for divisions going there took 3 hours and we assumed the same amount of time to come back...nope. It was a 4 hour return. We had planned it just right to get home at the end of the day. It would have been perfect, but instead we got home at 10 at night and got to wait in the bus terminal for the bus to our house. We were out until 10:30. It was strange to be out at night. We got home safely though, so don't worry. 
     For my birthday... my companion (who is AMAZING) made me an omelet, with cheese, because all is better with cheese. She is so sweet. We had conselho da liderança. They sang to me at the end, I felt really special. Sister Beck and Sister Marin (from my MTC group) had spent the night at our house because of the meeting and brought me cookies and a handmade card. The cookies apparently were supposed to be in barter for a cake from the office elders, but they didn't survive. They were good cookies. One sister in our ward bought me a flan cake (also known as pudding cake) and invited her friends over. We taught them how to pray and then ate cake. The sisters that live in our house bought me a cake too and salgadinhos. They spelled out "Feliz Aniversario" [Happy Birthday] on the floor and surprised me when we came home at night. Basically I was really spoiled. People here are really nice and I felt really special. 
   Here´s another Happy Birthday Dad, the card will be a bit late...sorry. But its true, I do love you love. I hope Family Reunion is wonderful! I hope Aunt Abby makes lots of yummy treats. She had one recipe that I really want, I think its called Addiction. 

Love you a brasilian, 
Sister Hoggan
P.S. (Note from Rebekah's dad): The title of this post refers to a video made by the ward mission leader in the prior ward. Rebekah is in the video. Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=651706798247133

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