Monday, June 2, 2014

Will you marry me? #2

Dear Mom and Dad,
    Why is Audrey so big? I don't remember telling her she was allowed to do that. It´s okay, she still remains with status super cute. Congratulations to David!  Are you going to make it out there for his wedding. I got a package this week of...


Even being a girl, I don´t think I´ve ever been so happy for new shoes in my life. I´ve been refusing to buy new shoes because I knew your package would get here. You have really good taste in shoes. They are soooooo comfortable. I was starting to feel the lack of support of my shoes in one of my knees. Less than a day in new shoes and its gone. Sweet relief. I opened the package in the mission office, took a picture (as tradition) of my old shoes, and threw them away in the office. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. I paid 60 dollars for the package, I don't know if you had to pay a lot to send it, but it was all so worth it. 
    This week I got a cold. I usually don't get sick here. My voice has been suffering a bit, but I got a bit of extra sleep and its getting back to normal. 
    I had my first real conselho de liderança [Mission Leadership Counsel] this week. Spiritual feast. We had put in our planners for it to last 2 hours like district meeting does, but to a wonderful surprise it was about 5 hours long and included duas refeições [two refreshment breaks]. Pão de queijo é maravilhosa [Cheese bread is marvelous]. Sò falando [Just sayin']. I don't know if I mentioned this in my last letter, but my zone leader got mysteriously transferred last week to who knows where. He is now part of the traveling assistentes [assistants]. We have a pair of office assistentes and a pair of traveling assitentes. They go on divisions with all the district leaders, I assume zone leaders too like normal, but district leaders too. 
    Our mission is getting bigger every transfer. We should have an increase of about 70 missionaries by the end of the year. How cool is that. Is our mission in San Jose getting an bigger?  I remember the miracle of baptism in our stake a few months back....we should do that every month. That would be incredible.
    We are starting to teach someone new at the cemetery. This time he´s not security, he supervises/coordinates everything that happens on the day to day. He´s pretty cool. He actually lives in another area, but he´s here all the time. 
    We had a ward activity this week, gracefully put on by Ward Mission Leader, Tiago. When the activity started there were more investigators than members present. How cool is that? Actually, I started praying for members to show up so there would be people to sit with all the investigators present. Shortly after lots of ward members appeared. They played a trivia game created by the Elders, people were really intense, lots of competition. 
    All of the sister from my MTC district had a sleep-over this week. Actually the ones that don't live there were passing through for leadership council. The only sister missing is serving in Manaus. We joked about how much time we don't have left, Sister Beck very gracefully informed us of our limited time in weeks...we laughed not wanting to hear that. I love Brazil, it´s wonderful. 
     I hope everyone has a great week.  Ben, Monica, good luck moving to Indiana. I hope it all goes smoothly. Alena, the next phase is going to be amazing, take care.

Love you tons, 
Sister Hoggan

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