Monday, June 9, 2014

Why do we serve missions?

Dear Mom and Dad,
    It sounds like the two of you had the time of your lives this week...go figure--Alena was there. It is so strange to me that Alena has truly left Hawaii. People here generally have never heard of San José, so I tell them I live 40 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge (o ponte de São Fransisco), they get pretty excited about that. But honestly, the beach is better in Santa Cruz. I´m glad amid all the working you find time to play. 
    Mom has Hoggan Fiduciary business cards now? Parabems! That seems like a big step in the right direction. I looked up the word fiduciary, by the way, in my Português dictionary awhile ago and its not there; it was a sad day. People probably wouldn't have recognized the word though, even if I had found it. People don't recognize it in English. 
    This week was great. We had stake conference, which was actually a broadcast do Cidade do Lago de Sal...Salt Lake. Elder Ballard and Elder Scott spoke as well as our area 70s, who I recognized. One of the 70s that spoke had actually visited our mission. We had a few investigators with us too which was awesome.... We almost had a third, but she did not want to go to church if it was different than normal. She said she went to the big meeting once and had a lot of questions. She said she´ll go next week though. 
    We are teaching one of the cutest old women in the world. She got to give us the news this week that the doctor is making her move to a senior care home. She is not excited. We are not excited. She doesn't know where she is moving to yet; I'm hoping it is in our area so we can keep visiting her. She likes church and I think she wants to be baptized too. She keeps all the commandments,  although she doesn't know that she does because she cant remember them. She is so sweet. She went to stake conference with us on Sunday, but had to leave halfway through because she wasn't feeling well. It broke my heart. 
   We had divisions this week with the sisters in that one city where I had depression. It was interesting to go back and teach with other sisters there. It was different to go to parts of my area that before had been out of walking distance for our companionship. They were happy and smiling and laughing out there. It was great. They are in a trio, with my treinadora who is going home in 10 days. She does NOT want to go home. Sister Castro is so cute, she wants to say in the mission field forever. 
     I went with Sister Castro and a new missionary, and my companion went with the trainer. We had a great time and I met such incredible people that I never imagined lived in that area. So different, so much better, and pretty sweet. 
    My feet and my knees are really happy with these new shoes, thank-you again. Brasil is amazing, just so you all know. You should all come down here some day. There are a few foods you should try, I´ll try to make them when I get home if I can find all the ingredients.  I love you tons! Dad, parabems pela vietnamita! Tenho muito orgulho de você.

Te amo!
Sister Hoggan  

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