Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I'm sorry I don't know when major holidays are. I don't have a calendar and Father's Day in Brazil is not on the same day. Can somebody hug Audrey and Dad for me? Much appreciated. 

Dear Mom and Dad, 
    This week was great. Before I share wonderful stories I would like to announce that I am alive, and safe. 
    Having said that, someone threw a bomb at us this week. Yes, a bomb...those things that explode with lots of noise that you only see in movies. It wasn't the highly destructive type so I'm still intact. We were walking down the street and out of nowhere we see it fall, sizzle, we look at each other with expressions of `how should we react`, and it exploded. A nice flash of light and ALOT of noise. Apparently one of the men on the street likes to throws bombs and write threatening notes to his neighbors, you know, the usual. Our hearts were pounding for like an hour afterwards.
    I think out-of´the-ordinary things are required to happen to missionaries, that's just how it is. 
   The zone leaders had a baptism this week! The mother of one of our young men! I love to see people get baptized, but there has to be an extra specialness to it when its your mom. Mom, just so you know I talk about you all the time here. People want to know if my parents are members of the church...I tell them all about you were baptized at 17 and then found dad. Or dad found you. 
    Brazil played the first round of the world cup this week! And won! It was like Christmas in June. We came home early for a few sweet extra hours of studying. Everytime a goal was made we could hear the cheers of everyone watching. Fireworks, firecrackers, shouts of joy, and  maybe a few loud barbaric yalps (name that movie?). I feel for the Brazilian missionaries because it really is like Christmas for them and they can't be part of it...They won though and that counts for a lot. Brazil plays again on Tuesday. We should be studying again but we´re asking for special permission to make a movie with our Ward Mission Leader. Its going to be sweet. 
   My trainer went home today...she did not want to leave, but she´s been here for more than 18 months. I'm going to miss her.
    Basically, I'm safe and happy and I love you a lot.

Filha preferida, [favorite child]
Sister Hoggan
"Tutu" is Grandma in Hawaiian.
New shoes arrived! (Old shoe on right.)

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