Monday, May 19, 2014

What a wonderful mother´s day!

May 12, 2014

Dear Mom and Dad,
   It was great to see your smiling faces yesterday. It was the perfect end to a crazy week. We hardly worked in our area at all this week. Eeek! We went on divisions one day and then we had another day of weekly planning and mission leadership council which took most of the day....and the next day the 70 who directed leadership council gave us more training in a multi-zone conference. The rest of the mission had their turn the next day. Our visitor was Elder Moroni Torgan. I hadn't heard of him until I got here, but he had great words for us. He helped us see how we could MAJORLY improve. We´ll see how the next transfer goes with the many changes we get to make. 
    Our ward now houses 4 companionships of missionaries. I think our zone leaders who are now joining our ward are actually splitting their work between 2 different areas....does that mean we have 3.5 companionships? Our bishop is really excited. My entire district now serves in the same ward. This transfer is going to be crazy.
     Elder Torgan had a lot of advice for us, but one piece I found was particularly interesting about faith. He shared examples of Book of Mormon prophets/missionaries and talked about the faith they must have had to have seen the miracles they did. He asked then, what the difference was between our faith and the faith of those who lived in the time of Christ and in the Book of Mormon. Why is it they saw so many miracles? Because they had more faith. He told us that if we all had faith like missionaries in the Book of Mormon, then we would see miracles like those in the Book of Mormon. That´s a fair amount of pressure. Eeek!
    I get to serve as sister training leader again this transfer. I am stoked. It´s incredible to see the other sisters working. As you already know, I get to be companions with Sister Marchant again too, uau! We put on our white board this transfer as well as the last a goal to not be transferred. Apparently it works. Who knows, maybe I´ll stay with her until the end of my mission?
    Just as a quick ode to you Dad, I remember, by heart, how to make apple pie. Thank you for being such a great teacher. This afternoon I´ll be making apple pie at the home of one of the irmãs. It is something Brazilians only know from American films. She said I needed to make one just for her and then another to share at FHE that night which is at her house. 
    We lost two of our wonderful missionaries today. An elder and sister who both went home for health problems. One was our mission choir director who was helping us prepare for a multi-stake musical fireside. The other was a sister I was blessed to serve with for about a week or so and is Sister Leite´s companion. She was one of the first to meet the virtue scarf. Its hard to watch people go home sick. 
     Just so you know, you all looked beautiful yesterday. Sister Marchant says you all look like me....I think that it usually goes the other way around, that I look like you, but that's ok. Eu amo vocês muito. Até a semana que vem.

Sister Hoggan

P.S. Alena, I believe it is Hoggan family tradition to graduate barefoot. At least that's what you all told me when I finished high school. Just saying. You can do whatever you so please with this information.

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