Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A First Time for Everything

Dear Mom and Dad,
    How does e-mail time go so fast?! I just finished writing president and look over and have not a whole lot of minutes left. Its probably because I kept looking at the photo of how good looking you all are. Ben, sweet beans brother. It must be one of the most special experiences to bless your own child. You have a first born son, what! He needs Auntie Bekah to pinch those cute little cheeks. 
    This week we went on divisions with the sisters in Batatais....its a cute little town about 40 minutes outside the city limits. It is adorable, yet is pretty dangerous. The sisters come home when the sun goes down, or shortly there after. I had a blast with them. We bought a birthday cake for Sister Freitas. When we got home and finished planning, we lit candles, turned off the lights, and surprised her. 
     As we were leaving the next day I wasn't feeling so great. I think I ate something bad. I got diarrhea. We ran to catch our Onibus [city bus], which ended up being late. Running when you are sick isn't fun. This cute little lady walking in our direction was reaching out for other people and large objects as walking supports. She said she was going to the pharmacy. When she got to me she grabbed my arm to help stabilize her. I tried to help her grab the wall so I could grab my bus. But, she started bending her knees, and before you know it she collapsed in my arms. I don't think she ever lost consciousness, but her body went limp in my arms. People started to notice and we set her on the ground. Two men nearby lifted her into their car and took her to I assume the hospital. I got up, grabbed my Onibus, and started for home. However it was hot and stuffy in the bus; I don't know why nobody opened the window. For about 3 seconds the bus was miraculously quiet. I yelled at the driver to open the door, pushed past all the people, and barfed for the first time in Brazil. Yep, it was not fun. I'm glad we stopped before he left city limits. I felt weak for the rest of the day but we were able to work still. 
    Actually, that same day we had a triple baptism! Yep, we baptized a set of 3 sisters (siblings). It was awesome! I love when people get baptized. I wrote about their mom and few months ago who wants the gospel for her children. Our ward mission leader got to participate in the confirmation Sunday. It was his first. We were all super proud of him. I love our ward, it really is the best. Anyway, I think there is a lot more sad new than good news is my letter, but honestly this week was fantastic, the craziest part just happened to be sad. I love you all a ton and hope you have a great week. You are the greatest family ever.

Love you!
Sister Hoggan

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