Monday, April 28, 2014

Eeek, the chicken´s on the floor!

Hi Wonderful Family of mine!
     I hope you are having a great week. I am glad to hear that Tutu is doing so much better. One of the ways I know my grandmother is the best, is that she trains for the Tinman triathlon less than a week after having cancer! But hey, its Tutu, what do you expect..? There is no stopping that woman.
    Alena, I sure hope that whoever buys your senior project puts it on display somewhere because I would really like to see it up close. It was cool on the wall in the picture, but I think it would be even greater in person. 
    This week was nuts, as most of them are. We went on....divisions! I thought I knew all the sisters in our mission but apparently there are a couple I have yet to meet. I worked with one of them this week, Sister Sidan. She´s from Argentina. We had a great time, but I think I should start taking an umbrella on divisions with me because we arrived at their house and it starting pouring rain. Luckily it stopped once we started working. We had lunch with one of the sisters in their ward. She gave us pão de mel...which means honey bread, but I didn´t see honey anywhere. It looked more like a giant hostess cupcake (ding dongs?), but she filled some with coconut, others with doce de leite, was goooooood.
    We also had another day where we went to the chapel and had mission choir practice. Our choir is about 25 missionaries; we are preparing for a musical fireside in July that we are going to give. President however hosted a fireside this week and wanted us to sing. We started at 9 am and went until the fireside at 7 pm with a couple hours for lunch and dinner. That´s a lot of singing. Just saying. But I liked it a lot, so it´s okay.
     So this fireside was 25 American missionaries who served in Brazil between the years 1948 and 1970. They are all adorable old men and their wives. A few shared their testimonies and president spoke at the end. One of the younger missionaries that was visiting (he was about 50) translated everything into English for the non-Portuguese speaking wives. He was having a bit of a hard time, he understood about 80 percent. It was really funny because all of the speakers spoke English perfectly they were just speaking in Portuguese for the members. Whenever the translator messed up or didn't understand the speaker quite right, the speaker himself would mutter the right word to the translator and the translator, who was also American, would repeat. Group was quite the laugh. One of the Brazilian sisters who is learning English decided to help the American translator too. Group English from the Americans and Brazilians. It was also pretty funny. Also, the fireside was meant to start at 7:30, but the visiting Americans got lost on the way to the chapel. It doesn't help that our neighborhood is mostly one-way streets. Anyway, they arrived at 9:30 and the fireside ended at 10:30. We got to stay for all of it. President announced though that every missionary had to be given a ride home. Sweet. We didn't sing nearly as well as we had hoped, but the fireside was a tender experience. 
    I love you all pass-along-cards and sunscreen. Hunches and bunches.

Sister Hoggan

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