Monday, March 24, 2014


Dear Mom and Dad,
     That's right, I hit my year mark this week. Quinta feira...whatever day of the week that is in English. I think it means Thursday, but you stop thinking about the days of the week having real names when you only call them by number for so long. But yep, a year...eeek! My departure date is set for September 15, just in case you wanted to know. That's when the next transfer starts. 
     We had a baptism this week! Our friend Debora was baptized yesterday, juntos com nosso outro amigo Tiago [together with our other friend James]. We had a double baptism with the elders and it was AWESOME. You work and work and work to help people prepare for baptism. You just want them to understand that you feel so amazing when you get baptized by priesthood authority...please just read and pray about what we say. If people only understood how great the blessings of the gospel are from the beginning, more people would chase after it. But, that is part of agency and part of the process. We have to let them find it for themselves. 
     Her husband was able to watch her be baptized. It was the first time he had entered into one of our chapels. It was really special. Really, really special. The elder who baptized Tiago is now serving in another area (he was from the companionship to first find Tiago) and actually taught Debora while he was here too. He had no idea that she too was going to get baptized. What a wonderful surprise it was. It was truly a tender experience. When he complimented us on our special musical number at the end, I asked if we were going to sing at his baptism too...? I think I caught him off guard. But that's ok.  
     That was the highlight of my week. Just so you know, I love you both a ton and am glad that you are having a great time back in California. 

Com um grande abraço, 
Sister Hoggan

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