Monday, February 17, 2014

She`s from Argentina....she`s from another planet.

Mom and Dad, 

So I am trying to send you photos again and the computer is being difficult. I hope you got at least one looked like it sent before the problems started.
     Yesterday was, well, interesting. We had been fasting to have investigators at church because people seem to have such a hard time with that. Especially because it is at 9 in the morning, that is really early for many people here. Anyway, there were 5 visitors at church; the only catch is that we didn`t invite any of them.... I only knew who was one of them was. But it was still an answer to my prayer. 
      Yesterday was also the day for getting hit on. Yay! My companion and I stopped to talk with 2 men in the street. One started talking to my companion and he was interested in learning more about the church. I shook the other man`s hand and he kept trying to hold on! He even tried to put my hand to his face. I nudged my companion like 6 times to go. But the other man was so interested in our message. Finally I was just like "Sister, if you are going to grab his address you have to do it now... and a lot faster." She did and we walked away. The man I talked to kept trying to say lots of nice things to me about beauty and virtue, etc. We talked to another man on the way home last night who noticed that I had the last 3 bites of an apple I was eating in my hand. He asked if he could have some. Um, I slobbered all over it... But he still wanted the apple. He reached up, grabbed it, took just a nibble, and handed it back. We said good bye as fast as possible. What a day!
      Other than that part, this week was great. The members in this area make extra-delicious food, we are really blessed. We had family night at the bishop`s house and invited all of the recent converts in our ward. It was a lot of fun. We also found this guy in the street, about 25 years old, who spoke almost fluent English, just with a Portuguese accent. He wanted to practice his English, and we let him. We even invited him to hear about the gospel in English. It was a tender experience inviting someone to hear about the gospel in MY own language. I started tearing up. 
       Three of the people from my MTC district arrive next week including my companion from the MTC (finally da certo, yay!). They will have 2 weeks of Portuguese lessons in the Sao Paulo MTC because they only have 7 months left on the mission and are just now arriving. 
     I loved the photos, you all are looking great. Alena, you are a doll. I love you all lots and lots and lots. Have a great week and keep looking for opportunities to share the gospel. And keep me updated with Monica, 2 weeks, really?

Sister Hoggan

P.S. Dad, the elder you met that speaks Spanish is actually Hispanic, which is why he speaks so well. He spent only 12 days in the MTC. I served on Get Connected Council with him along with the other girl you met a few weeks ago, Megan. I'm glad you got to meet my friend Jared (i.e. Elder Lopez Currasco).
Sister Marchant (L), Sister Hoggan (R), and friends

Sister Marchant and Sister Missionary action figures!

Sister Hoggan with Star fruit.

Sister Hoggan and Sister Marchant with (part) of a loaf of chocotone. Chocotone is like the sweetbread, pantone, but with bits of chocolate instead of bits of candied fruit. There would be more bread to see if they hadn't EATEN so much of it!

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