Monday, February 3, 2014

Nascer do Sol (Sunrise)

    "Sister, what`s your favorite Bible story?"
    "Esther, I love her, because she trusted in her covenants with the Lord and did what she knew was right."
    "...that sounds like something an American missionary would say."

Hi Mom and Dad,
    By the way, I do love Esther, and not because I`m American, I just think she is awesome. She seems like someone who would have an awesome red scarf too, just saying.
    This week was great. Trying, but great. Sister Marchant and I were really excited because we had 3 people that were going to go to church with us. We went by Sunday morning to pick them up for church and nobody answered the was sad. Church was great too, I really enjoyed it.

    So my companion and I teach English class for an hour a week. This week I was in charge of the lesson. It was epic...we learned parts of our bodies. First I taught them all how to pray in English and then I demonstrated `heads, shoulders, knees and toes` explaining that this was the goal of our lesson. There were 2 women, one about 30 and the other about 50, and the bishop`s daughter who is 12, along with the elders (who were on splits, so both were Brazilian). They all got a huge kick out of singing and dancing. They were fairly hesitant at first, they probably thought it was something for kids, but pretty soon everyone doing it and it was really, really silly!
    I got a package from Alena this week, it was post marked....October 25! Yep, it arrived this week and it was great. Alena, you are the best big sister ever I love you so much. The elders showed up one day this week too with a large plastic bag with 3 packages for my companion...Christmas packages postmarked November alguma coisa. So we had Christmas February 1. Having Christmas 3 times is great, I think everyone should do it, or at least look for opportunities to give each other presents often.

    I can definitely help pray for missionary experiences, I would be more than thrilled to do that. I mean, I already am praying to share the gospel here, but I would love to include you both in my prayers. You seem to be having some pretty awesome experiences already, keep up the great work. I love you both hunches and bunches. Hopefully next week I can send some photos.

Ate o proximo segunda feira,
Com amor
Sister Hoggan

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