Monday, February 10, 2014

Beans on Toast

Dear Mom and Dad,
    Thank you so much for brownie recipe! It sounds like you both had a great week. Time here has been flying by at lightening seed, I think something has happened to the clocks here. This transfer ends in less than 2 weeks. Eek! One of our sister training leaders went home this week because she was sick. We`ve lost a fair number of sisters, its pretty sad. They are all such hard workers. 
    This transfer we have had a hard time getting people to go to church; We had a few people promise to go. We arrived at the their doors at the designated times and no one answered. It was really sad. I hope they come next week. I know that they will feel how wonderful it is there if they just go...
    I planned on sending you photos this week, but it`s not working.I`ve been trying for about 20 minutes, I even switched computers...e muito triste. I think I am going to try and send you my memory card and then you can try to grab my photos. I think my memory card might still have a virus of some kind (I sure hope it doesn`t), but either way, I found that if you put it in the handy quick print machines at Walmart or Target it still works. See what you can grab. I am using my new memory card now (that Dad so wonderfully sent to me) so hopefully I wont have too many more problems. 
    Sister Marchant and I have reached our goal or 140 contacts this week, for the 4th week in a row! One of our zone leaders is now in training to be the next assistente ao Presidente, so we got a new zone leader mid-transfer. It was a surprise to us all.
     Teaching was really hard this week. It seems as though the whole world decided not to be home, which makes it hard to find people to teach, but it is okay, because even after I am still happy. I am able to feel like I have been giving my best. Sister Marchant and I share our favorite parts of the day/tender mercies as we are going to bed...the Lord has definitely blessed us.
      I hope you have a great week. I am so glad the rain came too, I have been sharing our stake`s story here because there has been no rain  this year and the people here are in a drought too. I think Brasil needs to fast for rain too. Congratulations to David for making it home from Ghana too. That was a pretty sweet looking box of cereal.

Love you Lots!

Sister Hoggan
Missionary zone

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