Monday, February 24, 2014

Count your many blessings, name them 2 by 2...and it will suprise you what the Lord can do

Hi Mom and Dad!
     This week was the week of miracles! We made a street contact a few weeks back that neither my companion or I thought would come out to anything, but this week it did and it was a blessing from my Heavenly Father. The woman we talked to apparently felt, after we left, that she really did need our message and really wanted to talk to us. She tried to chase us down but we had already disappeared. She called people trying to find out how to get us back. She got a hold of us and back we went. We taught her and then came back a few days later and taught her whole family about the Restoration. She has 2 teenage daughters and one that is almost teenage.Eeek, that's a lot of teenage girls in one place! It was truly a special experience. Heavenly Father blessed us with a miracle and I knew that I had been in the right place at the right time. It was truly a tender experience to be in their home. 
    We had transfers this week. Sister Marchant and I were really nervous because we don't want to get separated. And we are...going to stay together! I am so happy about this! We have lots of sister sleeping at our house tonight because the new missionaries get here tomorrow. We are receiving another dupla (companionship) to work in our area. 3 duplas here, its going to be great! One of the new sisters is Sister Rodrigues--she's Brasilian, and wonderful. The other is a secret for now until she gets here....actually, I already know who it is. Shhhh. They will make a great team.
     You should have gotten lots of emails with lots of photos this week. I hope they all came through. Parabems to Grant and David for making it home alive. You two are great.

I love you lots! Congratulations for Stake Conference, it sounds like a whirlwind of an adventure.

Sister Hoggan
Missionary action figures!

Playing "Ninja"

Sister Hoggan (L) and Sister Marchant (R)


The Transfer Board in the mission office

Monday, February 17, 2014

She`s from Argentina....she`s from another planet.

Mom and Dad, 

So I am trying to send you photos again and the computer is being difficult. I hope you got at least one looked like it sent before the problems started.
     Yesterday was, well, interesting. We had been fasting to have investigators at church because people seem to have such a hard time with that. Especially because it is at 9 in the morning, that is really early for many people here. Anyway, there were 5 visitors at church; the only catch is that we didn`t invite any of them.... I only knew who was one of them was. But it was still an answer to my prayer. 
      Yesterday was also the day for getting hit on. Yay! My companion and I stopped to talk with 2 men in the street. One started talking to my companion and he was interested in learning more about the church. I shook the other man`s hand and he kept trying to hold on! He even tried to put my hand to his face. I nudged my companion like 6 times to go. But the other man was so interested in our message. Finally I was just like "Sister, if you are going to grab his address you have to do it now... and a lot faster." She did and we walked away. The man I talked to kept trying to say lots of nice things to me about beauty and virtue, etc. We talked to another man on the way home last night who noticed that I had the last 3 bites of an apple I was eating in my hand. He asked if he could have some. Um, I slobbered all over it... But he still wanted the apple. He reached up, grabbed it, took just a nibble, and handed it back. We said good bye as fast as possible. What a day!
      Other than that part, this week was great. The members in this area make extra-delicious food, we are really blessed. We had family night at the bishop`s house and invited all of the recent converts in our ward. It was a lot of fun. We also found this guy in the street, about 25 years old, who spoke almost fluent English, just with a Portuguese accent. He wanted to practice his English, and we let him. We even invited him to hear about the gospel in English. It was a tender experience inviting someone to hear about the gospel in MY own language. I started tearing up. 
       Three of the people from my MTC district arrive next week including my companion from the MTC (finally da certo, yay!). They will have 2 weeks of Portuguese lessons in the Sao Paulo MTC because they only have 7 months left on the mission and are just now arriving. 
     I loved the photos, you all are looking great. Alena, you are a doll. I love you all lots and lots and lots. Have a great week and keep looking for opportunities to share the gospel. And keep me updated with Monica, 2 weeks, really?

Sister Hoggan

P.S. Dad, the elder you met that speaks Spanish is actually Hispanic, which is why he speaks so well. He spent only 12 days in the MTC. I served on Get Connected Council with him along with the other girl you met a few weeks ago, Megan. I'm glad you got to meet my friend Jared (i.e. Elder Lopez Currasco).
Sister Marchant (L), Sister Hoggan (R), and friends

Sister Marchant and Sister Missionary action figures!

Sister Hoggan with Star fruit.

Sister Hoggan and Sister Marchant with (part) of a loaf of chocotone. Chocotone is like the sweetbread, pantone, but with bits of chocolate instead of bits of candied fruit. There would be more bread to see if they hadn't EATEN so much of it!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Beans on Toast

Dear Mom and Dad,
    Thank you so much for brownie recipe! It sounds like you both had a great week. Time here has been flying by at lightening seed, I think something has happened to the clocks here. This transfer ends in less than 2 weeks. Eek! One of our sister training leaders went home this week because she was sick. We`ve lost a fair number of sisters, its pretty sad. They are all such hard workers. 
    This transfer we have had a hard time getting people to go to church; We had a few people promise to go. We arrived at the their doors at the designated times and no one answered. It was really sad. I hope they come next week. I know that they will feel how wonderful it is there if they just go...
    I planned on sending you photos this week, but it`s not working.I`ve been trying for about 20 minutes, I even switched computers...e muito triste. I think I am going to try and send you my memory card and then you can try to grab my photos. I think my memory card might still have a virus of some kind (I sure hope it doesn`t), but either way, I found that if you put it in the handy quick print machines at Walmart or Target it still works. See what you can grab. I am using my new memory card now (that Dad so wonderfully sent to me) so hopefully I wont have too many more problems. 
    Sister Marchant and I have reached our goal or 140 contacts this week, for the 4th week in a row! One of our zone leaders is now in training to be the next assistente ao Presidente, so we got a new zone leader mid-transfer. It was a surprise to us all.
     Teaching was really hard this week. It seems as though the whole world decided not to be home, which makes it hard to find people to teach, but it is okay, because even after I am still happy. I am able to feel like I have been giving my best. Sister Marchant and I share our favorite parts of the day/tender mercies as we are going to bed...the Lord has definitely blessed us.
      I hope you have a great week. I am so glad the rain came too, I have been sharing our stake`s story here because there has been no rain  this year and the people here are in a drought too. I think Brasil needs to fast for rain too. Congratulations to David for making it home from Ghana too. That was a pretty sweet looking box of cereal.

Love you Lots!

Sister Hoggan
Missionary zone

Monday, February 3, 2014

Nascer do Sol (Sunrise)

    "Sister, what`s your favorite Bible story?"
    "Esther, I love her, because she trusted in her covenants with the Lord and did what she knew was right."
    "...that sounds like something an American missionary would say."

Hi Mom and Dad,
    By the way, I do love Esther, and not because I`m American, I just think she is awesome. She seems like someone who would have an awesome red scarf too, just saying.
    This week was great. Trying, but great. Sister Marchant and I were really excited because we had 3 people that were going to go to church with us. We went by Sunday morning to pick them up for church and nobody answered the was sad. Church was great too, I really enjoyed it.

    So my companion and I teach English class for an hour a week. This week I was in charge of the lesson. It was epic...we learned parts of our bodies. First I taught them all how to pray in English and then I demonstrated `heads, shoulders, knees and toes` explaining that this was the goal of our lesson. There were 2 women, one about 30 and the other about 50, and the bishop`s daughter who is 12, along with the elders (who were on splits, so both were Brazilian). They all got a huge kick out of singing and dancing. They were fairly hesitant at first, they probably thought it was something for kids, but pretty soon everyone doing it and it was really, really silly!
    I got a package from Alena this week, it was post marked....October 25! Yep, it arrived this week and it was great. Alena, you are the best big sister ever I love you so much. The elders showed up one day this week too with a large plastic bag with 3 packages for my companion...Christmas packages postmarked November alguma coisa. So we had Christmas February 1. Having Christmas 3 times is great, I think everyone should do it, or at least look for opportunities to give each other presents often.

    I can definitely help pray for missionary experiences, I would be more than thrilled to do that. I mean, I already am praying to share the gospel here, but I would love to include you both in my prayers. You seem to be having some pretty awesome experiences already, keep up the great work. I love you both hunches and bunches. Hopefully next week I can send some photos.

Ate o proximo segunda feira,
Com amor
Sister Hoggan