Monday, January 20, 2014


Chocotone: like fruitcake, but made using chocolate chips in place of fruit. Infinitely better and secretly stashed in our closet until the other sisters leave...

Dear Mom and Dad, 
     This week was great, I absolutely loved it! Thank you for all the prayers and really good advice that got me through training my last companion and surviving. I definitely felt loved and supported.
     I don't remember all that I told you about my new area. So I am in Campos Eliseos...this is actually how you spell it. My companion is Sister Marchant. She is my first American companion in Brazil. She has successfully completed 6 months on the mission. She´s from Ohio, is 19, and is pretty stinkin awesome. We made 7 baptismal invites this week, which was an all time high for both of us. One of which happened more or less like a regular street contact, talking to some man at the park. He had apparently already met the elders and had wanted a Book of Mormon but they never made it by his house. We handed him a Book of Mormon, taught him why it was important, and I invited him to be baptized, there, in the park. It was great. He didn't really respond. But we got his work address and will go back to talk to him some more.
    I was really happy this week and was work-exhausted which was great. I think before I was just tired from feeling like I was dragging and being dragged around so much, or being frustrated, but this week I was laughing with my companion, smiled at people on the street, and we worked so hard that we basically collapsed in bed every night. Work-tired is an incredible feeling. 
    We also made the mission goal of 140 street contacts this week which was great. We had some making up to do yesterday, but we made it happen. We had 4 people committed to come to church yesterday too and they all flaked on us which was not so great. We have some teaching to do so they will understand why they need to be there. of the best parts of my week. Jesus gave us mangoes! He told us his name and I just kind of stared at him. He seemed to get a huge kick out of saying who he was. Anyway... we talked to him in the street and then passed by as we were leaving the street and he gave us 4 huge mangoes. They are some of the best mangoes I have ever had. Ripe, juicy, sweet, and wonderful. 
     For all those who are reading this on my blog and have not yet read and prayed to know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, I would like to invite you to do so. If you don't have a Book of Mormon, don't know what it is, or who Joseph is you can talk to my parents, they are amazing. Or, ask the missionaries. I promise there are some that live near you. The gospel is amazing. It makes life better. I know it is true and we each need to find that out for ourselves. [Dad's note: you can also go to and request a free copy of the Book of Mormon. It's a good book! I think you'll like it!]

Thanks Mom and Dad for being so great. I love you both.

Love you lots, 
Sister Hoggan 

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