Monday, January 27, 2014


Dear Mom and Dad,
    It seems like this week in Lake Wobegone was great. I am really proud of you for sharing the gospel, you are great examples of member missionary work. I`m glad you got to tell the Elders about it too, they love to hear that kind of stuff. It is hard to see sometimes that the members are sharing the gospel, but we also don`t see them everyday. Keep telling them about their stories, they will love it. 
    This week was great! Sister Marchant is amazing. The whole mission is focusing extra hard on inviting people to be baptized. Sometimes it can be a bit intimidating, especially since you don't want to scare people off. But we have been putting in some extra effort. Obviously we practice, its a great way to overcome your fear of anything (including killing spiders). But, I was lying in bed the other night and realized we had made 13 baptismal invites in 14 days. It was great. I never would have imagined that. They were not all accepted, but the important part is that we made them. It`s truly not about the number, it`s that we looked back and saw that we had improved so much and overcome a fear that we`d had. 
    We've noticed a trend....that we are always tired after lunch. As we were walking in the street though, I realized that here this is not uncommon. I looked around and it seemed as though the whole city was sleeping. I think it has to do with the intensity of the sun at noon or that we are all tired after we eat. Most people have 2 hours for lunch here. Anyway, its just a bit of a strange feeling working when it feels like the whole world is asleep around you.
     Yesterday we finished the day with an extra special lesson. We taught a wonderful woman about who God was and why he loves us. We talked about prayer, how to say one, why it is important, etc. We had made plans to teach something else, but it work out well. We really felt the Spirit in her home and it was a truly tender experience to help someone pray. Not that she prayed in a different way before, but she didn't know how to pray. God loves her a lot. He loves each of us. I knew extra well in that lesson that God knows each of his children by name and has a plan for them. He truly does want us to be happy. 
     There are so many things to tell, and I wish I had more time. But, alas.... Keep sharing the gospel, you are both wonderful! Oh, before I forget, I got like 10 letters this week. I got one from Doug and Cami Jepsen, Aunt Susie, Jenni Hoggan, Meredith, Myrna and Doug Gunn, and I know there were a few more that I am forgetting, but I thought to myself  `I'm that sister that gets all the mail` weird. Thank you so much for the letters, they make my day. I hope I can respond to them all. 
I love you lots!

Boa Semana, 
Sister Hoggan

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