Monday, November 18, 2013

Working hard, even with challenges

Dear Mom and Dad,

    So another week goes by. Times flies really fast here. I'm going to take your advice, Dad, and read in Doctrine and Covenants 123:17. Thanks. Thank-you to all those who are helping my companion financially too, she is really grateful for it.

    This week was hard again. My companion has fibromyalgia, so her body always hurt. It hurts because it hurts, it hurts because she is working really hard, and when she has strong emotions (which she often does, because missions are hard) it hurts even more. I am trying really hard to serve her love people more when you serve them, right? She woke up 2 or 3 times this week with a sore throat and was unable to get out of bed.

     Today she was sick again. I woke up, studied, and cleaned most of our house by myself. She woke up, I finished cleaning, and we left to write our families.

     I feel like I do a lot of things by myself. I try to do a lot in our house, because I know my companion is having a hard time. Its hard to do it by yourself, but what can you do when your companion is already maxed out? You just keep doing it by yourself. I feel pretty lonely a lot of the time. She wants to know why I'm not super happy-go-lucky like her. Normally, I am, but when I have someone to share things with, and I don't feel like I can share personal  things with her. I look forward to email time each week because I get to write about how I feel to someone who listens.

     She trying to be a great missionary, she really is. But sometimes, you just need a little bit more help than you are getting.

     We had a baptism again this week. It was the mother of the girl we baptized previously. She was so happy to get baptized. When her daughter was baptized and described the feelings she felt after she was baptized, her mom didn't understand. How do you explain how you feel after baptism? When she came out of the font, I asked, so do you believe your daughter now? She said yes and tried to describe how she felt. It was a truly wonderful moment.

     Thank you for all your prayers, I honestly don't know where I would be without them. I haven't received any packages yet, but I am going to pass by the mission office this week, maybe there will be something there.

I love you both and my siblings too (sorry I don't write the 4 of you very much).

Sister Hoggan

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