Monday, October 28, 2013

Training: Sister Leite (Sister "Milk")

Dear Mom and Dad,
    So I`m new companion is Sister Leite (or in English, Sister Milk). She`s from Para, which is way up in the north of Brasil; Missao Brasil Belem).  So far, she`s great. She served a mini mission or two before she got here....7 months worth of mini mission, which means she knows a few things already. We`ve found new investigators together and have been teaching the first lesson alot. She turns 22 in November so she`s a bit older than me, but that okay. Something that I`ve noticed about my companions so far is that they all like pink and makeup...just something I noticed.
    I had my first transfer meeting too. I didn`t go last time I was transferred because my area was so far from the mission office...But it was great. Those of us who trained stayed close to the mission office for 2 days. The new missionaries arrived on Tuesday, I think the American Missionaries arrived on Wednesday. Anyway, I'm short on time...I'm trying to help my new companion with photos. Talk to you all next week. Love you!

Sister Hoggan

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