Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference Passes so fast when you're in the Mission Field

Dear Mom and Dad,
     This week again had its hard moments, but they were outweighed by the  joyful ones. Conference was amazing, was it not? I watched the 4 main sessions in English. I did not get a chance to watch the Relief Society broadcast yet, but that ok. There were 4 Americans in my zone, 2 elders and 2 sisters, watching together on a computer in what I think was the library or the clerks office? I'm not really sure. I loved how much they talked about missionary work....he he he. We all did. When they talked about the missionaries being equally yoked in the hastening of the work as the members I thought about the experiences you have been sharing about sharing the gospel with those who live near us. You rock! Keep up the good work. I also liked how much they talked about families. The Lord truly does have a plan for our families and his purpose is for us to live together eternally. 
     It was mostly just the missionaries at the stake center because most of the members were watching on the internet at home. As long as people are listening to the prophet, that`s all that matters. We had a young girl who`s about to turn 15 come to conference with us. She`s investigating the church. She stayed for both sessions...we were about 20 minutes by bus from home so we all stayed at the stake center from 1-7 o`clock. That`s a lot of hours for someone to stay at church, but she loved it and even took some notes. I wasn`t able to watch with her because I was in the other room watching in English, but my companion said she loved it. 
     We had zone conference this week with Presidente Brum. He gave a great training on how faith leads to miracles. For the work to move forward as intended we all need to have faith. And how do we show our faith? By acting. The Lord knows we truly want his help when we work hard for it. It`s like Sister Carole M Stephens quoted in the Saturday morning receive no witness until after the trial of faith. 
     Thanks for your uplifting words and experiences to help me through my trial of faith, and for sharing with me trials of faith that you have passed through. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the Earth. And we can all know it, if we read the Book of Mormon and then ask God if it is true. Other people can tell us it is true, but we will only know of a surety if we ask our Heavenly Father...he has all the answers.
      Keep sharing the gospel like you already area. And congrats to our neighbors on their exercise feats. Pretty soon they`ll be playing water polo. It`s entirely possible, just saying. 

I love you both, 
Say hello to everyone for me...

Sister Hoggan

P.S. I caught the part about Agnes Hoggan and told all the other Americans about it.

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