Monday, September 23, 2013

Its Almost General Conference!

September 23, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,
     Your letters were wonderful (and Alena`s too!), thanks a bunch. It sounds like things are going really well at home. I love hearing about the adventures you have...give the Alum Rock Ward a hug for me. That`s really sad that that happened to their building. [The LDS chapel at White & Patt is undergoing seismic retrofitting of the entire roof. Part of the roof was left uncovered during Saturday's downpour, which has done terrific damage to the chapel. The two wards that meet there are temporarily relocated to another building, likely for months.] And poor piano! Speaking of pianos, guess who plays the piano during Sacrament meeting? I do, and its actually a piano this time, not an organ, which is wonderful.
    One of the best parts of the week was yesterday (I love Sundays, church is seriously amazing). The bishop called my companion and I out of Relief Society and said....that he had forgotten to assign people to give talks in church. He felt sooooo bad. He asked if I would be willing to speaking for 5 minutes on whatever I wanted. Would I be willing, YES! I was so excited to speak, even without much notice. There is no sarcasm here whatsoever. I was stoked. I read from Matthew 24 about the signs of the last days and how that gospel will be preached one last time before the coming of the Lord and then about Moroni and the title of Liberty. I knew I wanted to share the 2 scriptures but was not quite sure how they tied together. I was the first to talk....I read both scriptures and talked about war. That we are in these last days and it seems like only bad things happen in the world, but we can't dessistir [quit]. I explained to the ward that we are in a spiritual war against Satan, we are fighting for the souls of men. We need to raise a spiritual standard of Liberty and fight for the souls of our brothers and sisters and the way we do that is through....Missionary Work! Our ward mission leader spoke after me (same idea, 10 minutes on whatever you want) and he talked about missionary work within the church, which is home and visiting teaching, and helping our less active brothers and sisters. How incredible it was to me, that, without planning, our talks focused on such similar topics. It was truly inspired. 
    Dad, I'm glad you are catching up on everything...this is good. Say hello to Henderson for me; I hope the cookies turn out great. Keep up the great work, I love you both.

Com amor, 
Sister Hoggan

Oh, P.S. for Mom. Technology-wise they have us using a cell phone, that about it.

[Note from Sister Hoggan's dad: General Conference is a semi-annual gathering (either virtual or in person) of members and friends of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where we are taught by living prophets and apostles, and other leaders of the Church. Music is provided by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and other special choirs. It is inspiring, instructive, encouraging, and a spiritual feast. You are invited to watch and listen to Conference too! Streaming video is available live online at, and is available after-the-fact as well. Conference will be Saturday and Sunday, October 5 and 6. Prepare to be inspired!]

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