Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chicken Hearts and Captain Barbosa

You can ask about the title later....

Dear Mom and Dad, 
      Guess what, I got transferred! Yep, I am now on the other side of the mission. It was about 7 hours by bus to arrive in my new area. I had some really tender moments saying goodbye to people in Penapolis. There are so many people there that are special to me and it is hard to imagine the world without them, but I know that the Lord needs me in a different place. My new area is in Franca, Seminario. My new companion is Sister Costa; she`s been on the mission for 3 months, she too is Brasilian and doesn't speak any English. But, she`s adorable, has a great testimony, is excited to work, and so far is really nice. I think I`m going to like it here. My new area is about a third of the size of my last area which means significantly less walking.
     I`m doing great here, I really am. I cried when I left Penapolis, and when I left my companion, Sister Castro. When I was in New York, the English district leader shared a thought with us about the difference between a brotherhood and brothers in the hood. Interesting thought. When we pass through moments that are difficult, blood, sweat, and tears with someone, we form a brotherhood. When we hang out with people and don't have those trying, defining moments, we are merely brothers in the hood. The kind out relationships we want to form on the mission with our companions are brotherhoods, or in my case, sisterhoods. I formed a very tender sisterhood with Sister Castro. It was by no means easy, but I experienced some incredible tender mercies from the Lord with her that I will never forget. The Lord knows what he is doing when he calls us to serve together. 
      I'm stoked to work with Sister Costa aqui. The whole mission is waiting anxiously for those still waiting for visas. My companion from the MTC has yet to arrive in Brasil, she now has 3 transfers in New York. There are about 12 sisters that we are fasting for, we expect their visas any day. 
     I love hearing about everyone`s adventures, they sound amazing. Ben and Dad in their triathlon, Monica and Audrey and their cheering, the camping excursions....I especially love the part about Grandpa Bob. What a special moment Dad. The kayaking adventures sound magical too, it`s good to try out new spots. Next time you should bring a tarp with you and do like Dad did with Brother DeCaires on the cross-country ski trip: hold it between you and let the wind really carry you.
     Thanks for ordering those few things Dad. I know its kind of expensive, but I really appreciate it. Have a great week ok? I'm great, I love you both!

Yours truly, 
Sister Hoggan

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