Monday, August 5, 2013

And then there was one...

Dear Mom and Dad,
     I hope you are both having a great week. All is well here in Brasil!
     Well, when I say all is well, I mean with me and my companion, but we had some interesting experiences this week. We didn't have district meeting because of transfers, which means we didn't receive new planners. Anybody who has served a mission...please imagine missionary work without a planner. It is a nightmare. We were writing everything on a piece of paper, but then you need another sheet for references, goals, was crazy, especially when we counted our numbers at the end of the week. But, the week was an AMAZING week of work.
     We also weren't able to get more copies of the Book of Mormon because we didn't have our meeting. We started the week with, I think 3, and have been trying to use them oh so wisely. We always do, but you are especially careful when you don't have a way to get more. Luckily Heavenly Father knew this was going to happen. Normally we teach about the Restoration and share the Book of Mormon at the end, but because Heavenly Father knew this was going to happen, he had us share the Book of Mormon with lots of people, teach about it, but not teach the Restoration. And then, when it happened that we didn't have more copies of the book, we went around teaching all the people who had one about the Restoration. We were able to teach lots of lessons, and people already had copies of the Book of Mormon.
      Congratulations to my home stake on setting incredible goals to share the gospel. I am really proud of you. The missionaries that are serving in your area will honestly remember this experience for ever. They will write about it in their journals and share it with their children. I'm not joking in the slightest. Ill be praying for you all too.
      Our branch had a missionary work activity on Saturday. We met up at the church, had a quick training...(we opened with a song and prayer, the ward missionary asked if everybody remembered how we had done the activity last time...tudo bem.) We made a quick poster and off we went. We put pictures on the poster of precious parts of the gospel--the priesthood, temple marriage, temples baptism, families, etc. We then went to the center of town, set up a table with Sunday school manuals (teachings of various prophets), copies of "The Living Christ", and "The Family Proclamation to the World." We talked to everyone who walked past; handing out the book as gifts, and sharing our testimonies of those things that are important to us. We talked to about 200 people. It was great. I love our little branch.
      As a random side English class this week I taught the names of different fruit, and colors. When we got the fruits: lemon and lime, we had a bit of a confusion. We figured it out more or less, and I laughed about it later at the grocery store with my companion. In Brasil, the small green fruit that we call limes in the US are called limao, and the large yellow fruit we call lemon are called lima. Basically, lemons are limes and limes are lemons. When you make a cup of herbal tea, in the states we use lemons, here, they use limes, because limes are lemons. Ummmm hmmm, think about that one long and hard.
      Mom, I loved what you said about the conference talk ´When You Save a Girl, you Save Generations´. I loved your thoughts about how that talk applies to you. Its funny that you would mention to me to think about this because I have known this for awhile and actually used your experience in explaining to one of my investigators the impact his decisions will have on his posterity. I explained to him that my service is a result, in part, of my mother's conversion. Its true though, there really is power in saving the soul of a girl. 
     I love you all and hope you have a great week. Keep me updated on the status of the stake progress. To my friends who may be reading anybody getting married or receiving a mission call lately: you've got to remember to tell me these things!
Love you,
Sister Hoggan

From Dad:
Sister Hoggan mentioned 2 documents and a talk in her letter that you may find of interest. You can read them at these links:

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