Monday, July 1, 2013

Where Love Is, there God is Also

If Christ showed up at your door tomorrow and wanted to come in, would you let him?
....That depends on what time he came by, I might be busy at the moment.

Sorry for the punctuation of my letters, the keyboard is in Portuguese and its a bit confusing.
Dear Mom and Dad,
     Much of this week was really hard for me. I was really, really homesick at the beginning. I bawled my eyes out a few times. Being homesick makes one fragile and likely to cry about other the week was harder than normal. My companion has a very differently personality than my own. She is an AMAZING missionary. But, we have very differently personalities. The language barrier doesn't help here. I'm trying. I try to remember that she is the same age as me and has hopes, dreams, feelings, and a family that she misses too.
     I realized today during companion study something that I can change to help with this.  We were sharing with each other what we learned during personal study and she shared all these great things that she has studied. She had thought solely about our investigators and how to help them. I studied things that would help me and them, but she really focused on them and seemed to have a much better study time than I did. I think as I try to focus solely on them and not so much on my frustrations, that I will feel more like a missionary and understand the power that I really have.

     I noticed the ward didn't have a pianist, so I volunteered. I didn't even seen an instrument in the chapel, but I figured there was one somewhere. Sister Castro showed it to me before church. It is definitely not a piano, its a small organ. I sure don't know how to play the organ! I pretended I did though and stuck to one row of keys. I had some issues with the volume, but it was fun. The branch President is also the chorister, we laughed about my volume issues with me. I think we re going to try again next week and see how it goes.
We helped a family we met on the street move into their house this week. We were going to talk to them about the gospel, but it didn't feel right at the time. We came back the next day. When we returned, we were able to talk to the mom and her 12 year old daughter. We shortly found out that they their family is very broken. We were able to teach them about how much Heavenly Father loves his children, it was a very tender experience. They each have so much potential.
     We got a new mission president this week. Presidente Broom....only the American missionaries understand the play on words. I explained it to my companion, the word broom in English, she thought it was pretty funny. I have yet to meet him. I only talked to President Prieto for 5 minutes or so, so I ll come to know Presidente Broom much better.
     I'm super confused about the word  "it"...all nouns are either masculine or feminine, so there are masculine and feminine forms of the word "it." What is that even about? I figured out one of the reasons I'm so confused all the time: I always think we're talking about people, when we're are actually talking about things.
     Thanks for all the birthday wishes! And your prayers too. I love you both so much. Say hello to everyone for me. Great job on finding missionary experiences. This really is the greatest work we can do, help bring others unto salvation. It is the work of God.
Love always,
Sister Hoggan

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