Monday, June 3, 2013

Noche de a Restauracion

June 3, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,
      It was pouring rain outside this morning, and I think there was a lightning storm last night. I could see it from my window as I was falling asleep. We got a new vacuum today from the mission office....and I vacuumed my room/study area with one that works. Can I just say that vacuums that work are a tender mercy from the Lord?
     That's crazy that Nicole is back...if she reads this, hi Nicole? That's cool that they hired another person in the office. Let me guess, it's a girl? I loved the picture of you and dad dancing at Nicole's wedding. You are both just as adorable as when I left you.
     This week we our elliptical district spent a fair bit of time preparing for....Restoration Night! We are trying to helping the ward get excited about sharing the gospel. "Preach My Gospel" talks quite a bit about how the members are the most effective tool in missionary work. We haven't had a lot of lessons lately, so we've been trying to work with the ward. Members should always be a more effective resource than knocking doors and you should work with them....even if you like knocking doors. So, we planned Restoration Night. We had the Relief Society bring dinner, and the missionary planned games. We had water balloon volley-ball, face painting, minute to win-it games, and we colored two life-size missionaries and cut out the faces so the members could take pictures as a missionary (kind of like you would see with cartoon characters at a theme park). We also prepared a musical presentation for after the games/food. I played the piano in all but two of the numbers. Oh, the whole fireside was in Spanish too, so it was a good thing I was playing the piano. There were a few numbers were all the missionaries sang (there were 12 missionaries because the English elders joined us).  My companion played the guitar for one number, I accompanied a couple solos and duets on the piano, and the primary children sang "I Am a Child of God". We also wrote out the first lesson in a sort of script and had the Patriarch read it, with our songs in between. We also showed one of the Mormon messages and a video clip of the first vision. The whole fireside was about an hour. A week before the fireside we made invitations to invite the members and invitations for them to give to their friends. Our goal was for the members to come and we the spirit of the Restoration and for them to feel comfortable bringing their friends to learn about the Restoration. It was awesome! The spirit was super strong. There weren't very many people who came, but for those did, the spirit was definitely there. I was so grateful to have been part of such an amazing experience.
    Well, that's about all for this week. I love getting your letters and hearing about all of your wonderful adventures at home. I'm was excited to hear about our neighbor to that dad invited to church. I was going to remind you to help the missionaries, but it doesn't seem like you need that at all. Great job sharing the gospel!
Lots of love,
your trilingual missionary,
Sister Hoggan

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