Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,
     Thank you so much for the cinnamon rolls, they were delicious! I was definitely not expecting those  to arrive in the mail. They were well timed too. Our district had a rough couple days and last night was our final night of class having any elders left in our district. We celebrated with delicious, sticky rolls. I think there might be rule against having MTC teachers accepting things from missionaries' packages because we always offer to share with our teachers when we get a package and they always say no. Oh well, more for us...
     A large part of the last couple days being rough for are district was losing half our elders to their reassignments. We lose the rest tomorrow morning. Also, this week alone, we will have had 5 teachers. In total, I think we've had 10. We had the same two teachers for most of our MTC stay, but we've had a fair amount of substitutes. Well, we lost both of our regular teachers last week and received a new one who stayed for 2 days and then went on vacation with his wife. He got substitute to fill in until they could find us a new teacher. Finding a new teacher was complicated though because the online scheduler said that our district had already left the MTC! Wait, wait, I'm still here! So this week we have 3 teachers taking turns teaching.
     However crazy this may have all sounded, it's okay because they all have different teaching styles, which means they can all teach me something new! Yesterday we did an activity where each companionship took on the role of investigators. We shared about ourselves with the companionship that was going to teach us, they prepared a lesson, and then taught us. I used to think role playing made me feel silly. But, if you come to the MTC, you will learn that role playing is truly an amazing learning tool. Even thought I was still a missionary, I could feel that the missionaries teaching loved me. I also learned a lot from the perspective of the one being taught too...I think most importantly, the need to teach simply. I didn't quite realize how confusing I could be until I was the one receiving the lesson.
     We've also been able to review some of the more confusing grammar concepts with our new teachers. It's really helpful to see different teachers teach the same thing. I understand a bit better with every teacher.
      One of the elders (who left for his reassignment yesterday) heard from his mom that his visa was on its way. He was so excited last week and was telling everyone. Well, we're sitting in class and we receive an intercom call from the Travel Office. Elder.... we need you to come to the Travel Office. Of course, we all start cheering thinking his visa has come. They had actually filled out his reassignment paperwork again because I think there was a mistake the first time. They just wanted to make sure he knew he was going to New York. He was a bit bummed, but it was really funny and he laughed with all of us about it.
     The MTC is seriously amazing. I love my district, I love my companion, I love the Spirit that is felt here, I love the devotionals, my branch, my branch presidency (they're pretty awesome), and I love learning.
   A quick tidbit more: I attended my first mission conference this week which was a great experience. The mission president, his wife, and some of his presidency addressed us. They always have great wisdom to impart. I was surprised though, because the mission president started his talk by calling on two missionaries from the audience and inviting them to come up and share their testimonies with us. The two missionaries that shared were really surprised, they had no idea they were going to address the entire MTC, what a great experience. And, what a great way for our mission president to show how much he admires and appreciates his missionaries.
     Well, I'm about out of time, I love you both. Again, thank you for the cinnamon rolls and the letter you sent me. Eu sei o Livro de Mormon e a palavra de Deus e Jesus Cristo vive. Eu tenho fe em Cristo e desejos para servir. Eu estou animada compartilhar meu testamunho com todo mundo.
Com muito,
Sister Hoggan

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