Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 30, 2013

Hi Family!
     I bet you didn't expect to here from me today. It's ok, I didn't expect to write you today. Our schedules changed because it it is the beginning of a new semester for our teachers. Their schedules changed and our did too, to match theirs. My day now starts at 6 am, breakfast at 6:30 and then class, study time, devotionals, etc. until we go back to our rooms for lights out at 10:30. It's different, but wonderful. We got a new teacher this week too because. Instead of Irmao Mummey, we now have Irmao Taylor. He had us practice street contacting for the first time yesterday which was an adventure, but went ok. Our regular teacher, Irmao Weatherby had us practice street contacting last night as well. Funny story about that...
So our teacher gives us directions on how our street contacting exercise is going to work. He says he's going to go outside and that we should wait 3 minutes before we come and talk to him. So we wait 3 minutes and go outside to look for him; we look for him, and look for him. After a few minutes we go back in and grab a dupla (companionship) of elders that looks for him too. After about 10 minutes we find our teacher sitting at a picnic table a couple buildings away from us. Half of the duplas talk to him and then he gets up and walk away. The remaining duplas find him and we finish the exercise. Apparently we all missed the part about "finding" people on the street. When we practiced in the morning with Irmao Taylor he was near our building and easy to find. But Irmao Weatherby wanted us to work to find our contact and work we did. It was pretty funny, we were so confused.
     We get reassignments on Thursday unless our visas come before then. I'm excited for either one. I don't know when I'll be leaving, so you might not receive an email from me next Tuesday. If I'm in transit and you don't hear from me, I promise I still love you and I'll let you know where I'm going as soon as I can.
     You both shocked with your letters about Brother Markley, I was not expecting that. I forgot to visit him before I left to fill the remaining space in my suitcase with wooden toys he had made. I really wish I had done that. If you could give Kitty a big hug from me that would be much appreciated.
      You both sound like you are doing wonderfully. I love you both. Talk to you both when I leave the MTC!
Sister Hoggan

My companion Sister Casperson and I 

Just the sisters in green  

All of the sisters in my district and the other Portuguese district that came on the same day as us 

My first Sister Training Leaders and I 
My district all wearing of the elder's moms sent 6 identical ties for the elders so we all coordinated and took this picture this morning outside the Provo Temple.

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